Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shocker! Canadians are realizing they can't afford socialized medicine!

According to this article at Yahoo! News, Canadian provinces are taking measures to reduce costs in their government-paid healthcare service.

I, for one, am completely not shocked.

In Canada and much of the developed world many people have this wonderful idea that government can help solve many of the problems that face us today so we ask it to do things like pay for our medical care.  This sounds wonderful because everyone in a developed country should have medical care, right?  The problem is, most of us believe that the government is high inefficient and not really that good at doing many of the things it is supposed to do (2010 Census anyone?) so why on earth would we believe they can do something as complex as medical care for everyone very well?

So much for Canada having this model health care system that we need to emulate here in the USA!

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